5 Ways To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Healthy feet are happy feet and essential for leading an active lifestyle. When you neglect your feet, you won’t just suffer aesthetically, but you can suffer a significant amount of pain. It’s essential to keep your feet in as good of condition as possible to ensure you avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor.


If you’re interested in how you can take better care of your feet, take a look at some of the best ways how.  


Avoid Running On Uneven Surfaces


Ideally, you should run on flat surfaces since uneven terrains can result in injury. Although it can be fun to run off the beaten path and explore while getting in a workout, it’s very easy to lose your footing and twist your ankle. 


You’re better off using a flat surface like a sidewalk, track, or even treadmill if you want to run.


Cut Your Toenails Properly


Cutting your toenails from an angle can result in ingrown toenails. In some cases, ingrown toenails can hurt so much that they require surgery.  


When cutting your toenails, make sure that you use your clippers from a straight angle cutting from the top. Make sure that you keep them trimmed regularly to avoid pain from pressing against your shoes. 


Keep Them Clean And Dry


One of the best ways to keep your feet healthy is to clean your feet regularly. Since your feet tend to sweat during the day, your socks are a breeding ground for fungus. 


Scrub your feet thoroughly with hot soap and water every time that you shower or take a bath. Afterwards, don’t make the common mistake of putting them straight into socks. The dampness will encourage a fungal infection.


Take special care to dry each individual toe and in between.  


Wear Shoes in Public Areas 


It’s important to protect your feet when you’re in places that are shared with other feet. For example, when you shower at the gym or a public pool, wear sandals.  


If one person has a fungal infection on their feet, it’s easy to spread to your feet if you’re not careful. 


Examine Your Feet Regularly


It’s essential to look at your feet regularly and check for signs of peeling or discoloration. The longer that you let foot issues go, the harder it can be to treat later on.


It’s easy to take a few minutes every day to have a look at the tops and bottoms of your feet. 


Make sure to apply these tips in order to prevent issues that could cause you a significant amount of pain and time lost. Small efforts can have a considerable pay off on the overall health of your feet.