About Me

Hello fellow snorkelers, travelers, and everyone in between!

I’m Viggo Mason; small business owner turned underwater enthusiast faster than you can ask, “What is life really about?”

The answer to this question hit me like a ten foot wave as I was pouring over tedious paperwork one day at the office. I thought, “Is THIS what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?”. I said to myself “No way!” and decided right then to close up shop on my stock related business, pack my bags, and pursue what truly makes me happy – the sea.

Back Then

My passion for snorkeling and swimming began when I was a kid. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, my parents were avid sea-people and very early on in our childhood they imparted their wisdom of the sea unto me and my two brothers. As a family we would take frequent trips to Dykkergitte, a prime diving and snorkeling spot. My brothers enjoyed the time spent together as a family, but neither of them took to the sea like I did. Once I was old enough to operate my own oxygen tank and truly dive with my parents for the first time, I was in awe at this beautiful underwater world. It made me feel the same way outer space makes others feel; there is so much out there that we don’t know, and we humans are so small in the best way. All we have to do is sit back, appreciate the beauty, and learn as much about it as we can.

My brothers both grew up to become lawyers and discover new passions of their own (one absolutely loves to cycle). I continued my sea related hobbies well into adulthood as I graduated university and followed a career path into owning my own stock related business. But the stress of owning my own business, with all of the business trips, lack of free time, and stressful negotiations, burnt me out. Which brings us to that fateful day when I asked myself that life-altering question, and decided this headache was NOT what life is really about.

Right Now

After investing in stocks to fund my trips a few years ago I began making what was a hobby into a full time career! I began traveling around Denmark, searching for fresh new snorkeling and dive spots. After exhausting my home country I decided to branch out farther and farther, and now I can truly say I’ve been all over the globe!

Which brings us to the blog. As I wandered the world I began to create a travel journal for myself, writing entries for every place I visited complete with personal anecdotes and reviews of places I’ve stayed. Other travelers invited me to share these thoughts with them as we crossed paths. Some nodded in agreement while some volunteered their own contributions/advice to the entries. I thought, “Wow. This is a great way of connecting with my fellow sea enthusiast community!” I wanted to continue this type of sharing on a larger, more accessible scale. I wanted a way to log my experiences to assist future travelers as well as receive advice from others. A story exchange, if you will. So I created this blog for that very reason. I want to continue to write about my explorations and share it with like-minded folks.

The Future

So here we are. My decision to adopt this lifestyle has been the best one I’ve ever made. I have never been happier and I’ve never looked back. My hope for this blog is that it not only is a personal travel blog for me to continue to share my happiness, but that it becomes a resource for everyone and anyone with an interest in snorkeling, swimming, diving, or traveling. It is open to everyone: from enthusiasts like myself to weekend warriors or even to those who only hit the water once a year. All experience levels are welcome to read and glean what they can, and hopefully feel more confident to branch out and experience the world outside of their comfort zone. Maybe it can even inspire some to travel full time like me!

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!