It has been so exciting, overwhelming, and humbling to watch Seaway Sports grow from a simple one man blog to one of the most popular websites for members of the outdoor, swimming, and snorkeling community to use as a resource and a way to connect with like minded folks. The site has boomed from a couple hundred visitors a month to a whopping 16,000 unique visitors a month! Most who visit Seaway Sports come back for more of the many aspects it has to offer. Seaway Sports has gained so much traction that the only next step is for it to give back to the community that has supported it so much by promoting its own readers’ businesses. With the site’s unique, niche audience it would be beneficial for anyone else in the outdoor/sea world to promote their own business through Seaway Sports as a way of gaining more clientele.

It’s Beneficial

As previously stated, Seaway Sports generates 16,000 unique visitors a month. This means the site can gather some incredible exposure for your business if you place an ad. The audience of Seaway Sports is incredibly diverse, ranging from outdoor fanatics to avid snorkelers to seasonal backpackers. To place an advertisement on Seaway Sports would be to reach out to all of these subgroups you might otherwise not be able to reach. People of the outdoor community count on Seaway for its integrity as a reliable resource for important information and wholesome, valuable, useful content. To place an ad would be to associate yourself with this brand, and the loyal readers of Seaway Sports will follow suit.

It’s Easy

Seaway Sports is all about accessibility for all, not just our readers. Anyone looking to advertise on the site is also welcome to reach out to me for any and all questions. The process of placing your ad is hardly any effort on your part, and the price isn’t too bad either! As an avid outdoors person myself it’s important to me that outdoor related businesses are successful, and I’d like to help them gain clientele in any way I can. This is a great way for me to give back to the businesses that have supported me throughout my travels.

It’s Fun!

Once you decide to place an ad on Seaway Sports, you’re going to be amazed at the increase in traction your business will get! The site’s visitors are very receptive to Seaway’s recommendations and trust in it to provide high quality suggestions for gear, destinations, and any other services. And what’s more, the Seaway community is passionate and fun! Once you get these readers on board with your business, you’ll have a blast and want to continue pursuing this incredible business partnership!

So there you have it! Please consider using Seaway Sports as an avenue through which to promote your business. It’s simple, fun, and the reward will far outweigh the price. Feel free to contact me for rates or any other inquiries you might have. I can’t wait to hear from you!