Basic Instinct Arousal for Sale, and I’m Buying

No, I’m not talking about sex tourism or anything close to that. What I’m referring to as the arousal of one’s basic instincts is that kind of tourism where the fun to be had resides in the awakening of your basic instincts. I mean by no means is it paradise, but coming from Denmark where the citizens of the country are pretty much looked after by the political and economic system, I for one have definitely gotten used to some of the luxuries of life.

Some of the these comforts perhaps can’t even be referred to all the way as luxuries, but it’s amazing just how many things in life we take for granted, like being able to turn on the tap and have some clean water coming out.

The irony of it all of course is precisely what has given rise to the type of tourism that basically has you paying to experience what life was like prior to the development of some of the basic technologies which make our lives that much easier and more comfortable. So what are some of these activities which account for the effective sale of the arousal of one’s basic instincts?


You’d perhaps be a lot crazier than I am to take things all the way back to the earliest of times with your camping exploits if you did indeed want to arouse your basic instincts, but yeah, camping does indeed make for what is perhaps the most common example of basic instinct arousal. So it only makes sense to pack one of those quick-assembly tents for your camping excursion. It’s ironic that one pretty much has to pay for a spot at some or other camping ground in order to experience being “homeless” to a certain extent, but there is nothing like a night or two out camping to awaken your inner caveman.


Fishing of any kind induces somewhat of a satisfaction of the inner caveman instincts we all turn out to have, but on a personal note I’m referring to a specific all-inclusive experience around the activity of fishing. It’s becoming something that’s being made available a little more commonly these days, but back when I had this experience it was still somewhat of a pioneers’ activity. At a selection of some beachfront restaurants in some Thai islands like Koh Chang, if you can wake up early enough in the morning you can tag along with some fishermen to enjoy the experience of catching your own breakfast.

Bring the catch back a participating restaurant and they’ll make you a nice breakfast which is prepared right in front of you. Of course you can participate as well, doing your bit to help with the likes of the gutting of the fish.

The authenticity of the experience can be completed with a traditional method of serving food in Southeast Asian restaurants, which is that of effectively cooking the small portions of a variety of foods right there at your dining table.