Why a Cruise Should be on Your Bucket List

I won’t lie, I was perhaps of the exact same view commonly held by all sorts of travelers, that being that going on a cruise is something which one does once they’re retired. This was until I actually took an early retirement of sorts since the manner through which I make my money these days is indeed through investments, so it’s passive for the most part.

Go on a cruise admittedly and you’ll see this view of cruises being for the retired with your own two eyes. Aboard a cruise ship is perhaps the one place outside of an old age home where you’ll find such a high concentration of the elderly, but that’s only a good thing really!

A cruise should definitely be on you bucket list and while I suppose it’s your choice if you’re going to go on one when you’re older or if you’re going to explore it while you’re still young, I reckon more youngsters should explore the experience. Besides, there’ll be plenty of space for you to enjoy all that is on board as part of the entertainment on offer since most of the elderly folk tend to take a lot more of a chilled approach to their engagement in all the fun.

Enjoying the Actual Journey

You know the cliché of one’s travels being about the journey instead of the destination? Well it ceased to be a cliché when applied to going on a cruise. When you’re flying to someplace, even if you’re flying Business Class or First Class, the trip itself is more of a necessary inconvenience to have to sit through to get to your destination. So as much as the service on board an airline strives to make the trip as comfortable as possible, it’s still something one generally feels like they’re enduring instead of enjoying.

Aboard a cruise ship however things are completely different. It’s most definitely about the trip itself more than the destination, which is why cruise ships tend to be at sea longer than the total time spent docked on land. Depending on the cabin class you’ve chosen, you get the ultimate by way of sleeping comfort and it must be said though that there is indeed a distinctive comfort to be enjoyed whichever cabin class you’re cruising in. You get to enjoy a great night’s sleep or a sleep-in during the day if you wish, only to wake up in a different time zone and that’s a novelty that just never wears off.

There are many onboard events to get lost in as well and there is something to enjoy for all flavors of what you’d consider to be entertainment, but even if you prefer a little bit more of a passive approach to your on board entertainment, going on a cruise is like staying at an all-inclusive holiday resort.

Going on a cruise gets addictive as well and I personally find it quite enriching to interact with some of the elderly passengers as they have so much knowledge and wisdom to share.