How to Choose a Phone Case for Your Next Outdoor Sports Activity

Engaging in a sports activity means that your phone has to keep up with you. Finding a good phone case for your next outdoor adventure is important for staying in touch and documenting every moment without compromising your phone’s safety.


Adidas is a versatile sports gear manufacturer. It can match your phone case with your outdoor sports activities. Your Adidas promo code does not only give you great deals on shoes, but it can also offer discounts on the phone case that you need.


Below are some of the tips on choosing a phone case for your next outdoor sports activity.


Think About What You Need

Outdoor sports activities have different demands. Water sports, hiking, trekking, running, or climbing are only some of the popular ones you can engage in. You need to choose a phone case that can protect your phone whichever sports activity you choose.


Consider an Impact-Proof Case

The most common phone damage after an outdoor sports adventure is a shattered phone screen.  This happens when part of the screen receives a tremendous amount of force, like when it’s dropped onto a hard surface.


Getting a plastic phone case will only direct the force onto the phone even more. Adidas can give you a phone case made of shock-absorbent material. Rubber or silicone absorbs shock well from the phone’s susceptible corners. This way, you can keep your phone safe at all times.


Accidentally dropping your phone and getting its screen shattered can ruin your outdoor trip. Shock absorption and drop protection are good features to have on your phone when you go on an outdoor sports adventure.


Look at Compatibility

Find the right phone case for your phone’s model and brand. This will ensure a good fit. If your phone case fits around your phone like a glove, it can receive the right level of protection. You can determine this if all the portholes match.


Think About a Screen Protector

Screen protectors can strengthen your phone’s touch screen. These come in regular plastic and tempered glass protectors. Tempered glass is better because it tends to receive the brunt of the impact. Your phone’s original screen will be safe. Plastic screen protectors just protect your phone’s screen from scratches.


Get a Case With an Anti-Slip Grip

Choose a texturized phone case. This will allow you to take out and handle your phone without worrying that it will slip out of your hand. It will help prevent unexpected falls in any outdoor situation.


Think About Camera Protection

A sudden fall can break your camera. This will end any plans of documenting your outdoor fun. The most protective phone cases for cameras have raised edges around the camera. Their bezels will also be thick enough to protect the lens if the phone drops.



Keeping your phone safe as you spend time outdoors can be tricky. Sports activities put your phone even more at risk. You can prevent severe phone damage with the right phone case. You can use go for trusted brands like Adidas for a sturdy and protective phone case for your next outdoor sports adventure.