The Relationship between Financial Success and Law

The very first thing you see me saying about my success story in business is that I did indeed get lucky and I’m not ashamed to say it. The truth is many people who are successful in business did indeed get lucky somewhere along the way, which is not to say they aren’t skilled at all or that they didn’t work hard. Basically luck or good fortune is definitely one of the ingredients which goes into the making of a financial success story, but as the saying goes, you make your own luck, so you have to be the one to keep grafting and trying.

Basically you just have to keep plugging away in anticipation of the luck that will eventually come your way and when it does eventually come your way you have to be prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities which arise as a result. This however brings to light somewhat of a shortcut to success (yes, it does exist, somewhat) and basically that’s being wise to the relationship between financial success and law. The legal field is so closely related to the financial industry that if you basically master economic law then you’re about just one single step removed from any gravy train that is within reach.

The academic route

Study a field such as economics and you’ll soon realise that it’s mostly just economic law – what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed to do. Beyond that and perhaps in more of a direct fashion, going the academic route would entail studying law, particularly commercial law and applying what you’ve learned to advance financially instead of something like actually practicing law.

Why aren’t lawyers rich, then?

Well let me put it this way – have you ever come across a poor lawyer in your life? Legal professionals do well for themselves financially and many of them are in fact wealthy. What it is really is that contrary to popular belief, even criminal lawyers aren’t really unscrupulous manipulators of the system to earn financial remuneration from their clients. Legal professionals such as lawyers are in fact some of the most principled professionals you could ever come across, but the reason why you don’t see wealthy lawyers living like celebrities is because they don’t need to flash the cash and prove to everybody that they’re doing well financially.

There’s a reason why legal offices often close earlier than the regular workplace – they only do what is required of them and no more and they know that there will perhaps always be some work for them to do, so there is no rush for any cash grab.

Consulting with legal professionals

Some of the wealthiest people in the world have lawyers as their best friends or business partners, which should say a lot about the relationship between financial success and law. LA Immigration Lawyer, Joshua L. Goldstein for example, deals with many cases where the client being represented seeks the better opportunities available in the country they might be looking to move to, so it wouldn’t be a waste of time consulting with this kind of lawyer to perhaps discuss those many opportunities. You wouldn’t necessarily need to have an immigration issue to sort out.