Run a Sports Facility? Tomorrow’s Synthetic Surfaces Are Here

Technology has taken us to another level of convenience and performance, with gadgets and devices that carry out the many tasks we humans face, and with composite materials and computer assisted design, life is suddenly a lot more convenient. Sports venues have always been at the mercy of the weather, but if you happen to be in the leisure industry and run a sporting facility, it’s high time to think about synthetic surfaces. We all know the horrendous cost involved in keeping a set of tennis courts in prime condition, not to mention sports like football and rugby, and while synthetic surfaces have been around for a while, composite material advances bring us the very best in artificial playing surfaces that are both safe and easy to maintain.

No More Postponements

Synthetic grass might look like the real thing, but there the similarity ends, as waterlogged pitches become a distant memory, and whatever the harsh Australian climate can muster up, the game will always be on. Lost revenue from cancelled games will be a thing of the past with a synthetic playing surface installed, and with synthetic grass surfaces in Melbourne that are both affordable and longlasting, you can be sure that your playing surfaces are always ready for a game. The supplier understands drainage and will always ensure that there is adequate drainage underfoot before applying a synthetic surface, and that means no more waterlogged pitches.

Soccer Solutions

The European game of soccer will never overtake Aussie Rules in the popularity stakes, that’s for sure, but there is a growing interest in the sport, what with the Australian Team regularly making the World Cup Finals, in which the best 32 nations in the world vie for the ultimate Jules Verne Trophy, as champions of the world. If you are planning to build, or already have, a soccer pitch or two, a synthetic surface is the ideal way to guarantee playable pitches in all weathers, and there must be a million and one things for your groundsmen to do without having to cut and line the pitch. When you consider how much time it takes the groundsmen to prepare the pitch for a game, it makes total sense to choose a synthetic surface that has all the properties you expect from a first class playing surface, minus the maintenance.

Acrylic Hard Court Surfaces

UV resistant and colour-fast acrylic is the modern surface for hard courts, and there is a wide range of colours, allowing you to create something truly original. The acrylic solution is applied with a sqeegee, which means there are no lines or cracks and the surface is both durable and non-slip, making if perfect for all hardcourt sports. It can be applied to any substrate, and the material is environmentally friendly, with no heavy metals or solvents used, so it is perfectly safe in every respect. The substrate must be correctly prepared prior to applying the acrylic, which will ensure there are no cracks or breaks in the application, and your customers will love the playing surface.

Tennis & Basketball Courts

Whether it is a grass or hard court tennis surface you require, there are excellent products that stand the test of time, and all players love the synthetic surfaces, as it’s a lot easier to read the bounce. The supplier would excel at design and can incorporate team colours and logo to create a unique arena that everyone will love, and with a long warranty on both product and workmanship, you really can’t go wrong with a synthetic playing surface.

Talk to the Experts

If you have never considered switching to a synthetic surface, all it takes is an online search to talk to the experts, and if you are based in Australia, there is a leading supplier of synthetic sporting surfaces to suit every environment, and they relish the challenge of designing and creating truly unique and reliable playing surfaces for all sports. There’s absolutely nothing to lose by discussing your options and the many benefits make synthetic surfaces the best way forward, and with a non-slip playing surface that does not require any upkeep, you will see a healthy reduction in costs.