How to Select the Perfect Stunt Scooter

Stunt scooters are the latest craze in extreme sports. They have exploded in popularity over the past decade, even overtaking the prevalence of skateboards in some skate parks nowadays. Although there’s no end of cheap scooters on the market, for those taking the sport seriously it is necessary to spend a little more in order to own a scooter capable of doing tricks and stunts. With the majority of stunt scooters, parts can be swapped out to create the perfect model for your needs. Whether you aim to be an expert cruiser or a tricks pro, the design of your scooter should be tailored to fit your riding style. Here, we will take a look at some of the key factors to consider when selecting a stunt scooter.


Although most stunt scooters are heavier than standard folding scooters, the weight does have a big effect on your ability to do tricks and stunts. It is well-worth investing in a lightweight aluminium or alloy-steel framed scooter if you want to become an expert at doing show-stopping stunts. You will also need to consider whether the scooter itself is able to take your weight. Adult scooters often have a wider deck and stronger structure to support weights of between fifty to one-hundred kilograms, so be sure to select a model that won’t buckle under you!

Deck & Handlebars

Stunt scooters come with a deck and handlebars that are welded together to create a stable structure. Rather than having the adjustable, folding handlebars that are often seen on more basic micro-scooters, stunt scooters tend to have fixed handlebars with increased stability and durability making them more suited to heavy use. With fixed handlebars, it becomes essential to choose a scooter whose bars are right for your height. The height of the bars will be a personal preference based on your scooting style, with various colours and shapes available too. You can find a range of cool stunt scooters online to fit any style. Most stunt scooters also come equipped with rubber or foam on the handles, which allows them to absorb the shock of high jumps and bunny hops.


When it comes to selecting the wheels for your stunt scooter, plastic ones are not usually up to the job. They have a tendency to wear and break under the strain of carrying out stunts. This is why you should opt for metal-core wheels with a rubber outer if you’re taking the sport seriously, as these will provide the strength and power needed to go the distance and perform tricks. Harder and larger wheels allow the scooter to go faster making them good for cruising, whereas soft wheels provide greater traction, which provides the grip needed to carry out tricks.

Extra Parts to Consider

Other key parts which can be switched out to improve performance include the fork, which holds the front wheel in place and the clamp, which holds the handlebars to the fork to allow for smooth turning. Some clamps are stronger than others and they are measured by the number of bolts, with greater numbers of bolts equalling a stronger hold.

There are many factors which should be taken into consideration if you wish to enter into the sport of stunt scooting. This is a popular pastime that can easily develop into a lifelong passion, so the right scooter can be a great investment!