Staying Healthy as a Long-Term Traveler

For many holiday makers who go on to get bitten by the travel bug and somehow find a way to make travelling a full time thing, it can be very difficult to settle into some sort of routine that brings some stability to your life. Consequently, important things like your health can suffer as you constantly find yourself having to grab a quick bite to eat while you’re on the go, which in turn means that you fill up on more fast food than your health-conscious self would care to do.

Don’t get me started on finding the time or drive to get in any meaningful exercise at all as this is perhaps even harder than making healthier eating choices.

At some point you’ll have to find a way to incorporate healthier living lifestyle choices into your globe-trotting schedule and it’s a lot easier than you think. You just have to give it a little bit of effort, guided by your existing schedule and routine of course.


You can have the most erratic of travel schedules anyone roaming the face of this beautiful earth has, but somehow somewhere there are patterns which will begin to form. For example, if you perhaps couldn’t get a single wink of shut-eye while you’re flying at 30,000 feet, if flying becomes a regular fixture in your life then at some point your body will begin to adjust to this and you’ll find yourself getting the equivalent of a good night’s rest even if you’re in the air.

This makes for just one of many patterns which you’ll notice the formation of, but again, you have to make an effort to recognize them. Once your hectically erratic traveler’s lifestyle settles into a general albeit “loose” routine, you can then start incorporating healthier lifestyle choices.

Diet Planning

Most health and fitness buffs who are honest about their source for success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle will point to their diet as the most important part of the equation. I mean it’s simply a matter of making healthier eating choices wherever it is you go, even if it means you might have to budget for some meal-replacement shakes and other supplements to fill up on when there isn’t much in the way of healthy foods around to eat.

If you’re really serious about eating better in any case, apps such as Google Maps on your phone make for a great way to search for healthy eating dining spots or outlets. You can make it happen, but only if you really want to.

Fitting in Some Exercise

Fitting in some exercise as a traveler is also essentially just a choice one makes. You can choose to walk a few kilometers instead of calling for an Uber, for example and you can make physical activity part of all the fun you elect to engage in as part of your travels. A daily morning swim makes for a great boost in your metabolic rate for example and you can also choose to go for a hike, go cycling, etc. You’re much more likely to make a point of exercising if you already have all of the things you need with you. Make sure you’ve always got gym wear and a sports bra in your travel bag, and you’ll find yourself making a point of moving about more. Look at Get Bra Advice for tips and tricks on how to find sports bras that are ideal for travelling.