Teaching Business Travelers How to Unwind and Relax

Truth be told, these days a dedicated and successful business person cannot be said to fit a specific mould which makes them easily identifiable from the rest of the people around them. Many travelers who identify as that caliber of digital nomads who earn their money through entrepreneurial endeavors won’t be seen dead in a suit and tie, while those business travelers who are dressed up formally and look the part could very well just be employees traveling under company deployment.

Either way, people who ordinarily travel for business purposes find it really hard to relax when the blurred lines of traveling for business and traveling for pleasure get blurred even further. The temptation to whip out your laptop and hook it up to the free Wi-Fi to check your emails often proves too strong to resist, but it’s important to learn how to separate traveling for business from traveling for leisure.

Set Up an Out-of-Office Email Auto-Response

Every email has this feature, even public email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. This is the auto-response feature which basically just sends an automated response message to anyone who sends you an email while you’re away. Simply make it a short and concise message explaining that your office is currently closed and that you’ll be back to attend to all queries at a specified date. It’s okay to leave contact details in case your contacts need to reach you urgently, but the idea is to quell any desire to check your emails while you should rather be enjoying your vacation.

Don’t Use Your Laptop In-Flight

In fact I’d go as far as saying that you should probably leave your laptop at home, but I know that tends to be a source for separation anxiety, so rather resolve not to use it in-flight then. Generally laptops go into the aircraft with you as part of your carry-on luggage, so this is a matter of testing your own resolve. It’s all in your hands – stow it away in a bag that goes in the overhead compartments and forget about it!

Enjoy the In-Flight Entertainment

Most business travelers don’t seem to even know how to operate the in-flight entertainment. If you want to get into the spirit of your leisure getaway, now is the time to enjoy what is often some very comprehensive in-flight entertainment.

Consult Your Concierge Service

When you arrive at your destination, the temptation to use your smartphone for more than just checking out where to go and what to do may prove a bit too strong to resist, so don’t give it a chance. Rather consult your concierge service or ask the staff where you’re lodging for some advice on anything related to what you might want to get up to. Even those staff members whose job isn’t to assist in this way are often only too happy to help.

Use a Camera Instead of Your Smartphone

Again, using a camera over your smartphone is just another way to reduce your chances of deciding to check your emails as a gateway to working while you’re on your vacation.