My Top 5 Watersports Activities

I’ve always had a natural affinity with water and I’ve always enjoyed living, working and playing around water, so I guess it would only make sense for me to do an entire post about my top watersports activities. Here are my top 5 best watersports activities:

  1. Swimming

I bet you thought scuba diving would be my number one ranked top watersports activity, right? Well in truth it is indeed swimming because quite frankly scuba diving can be said to be a form of swimming. The thing about swimming is that it makes for some fun that never runs out – I can’t remember ever having a swim I didn’t enjoy. For one, it’s a great and free way to cool off when one lives in very hot places like the Cayman Islands, Seychelles, etc. It costs nothing at all and it’s the best form of exercise you can get since it works your whole body. That’s if you actually swim and not if you just hangout in an infinity edge pool or anything of that sort.

  1. Scuba Diving

If I was amphibious like a frog and had my scuba diving gear biologically built in then scuba diving would have been right at the top of this list of watersporting favorites. It’s rather unfortunate that you need your full gear to go scuba diving, otherwise there is not experience like it. It’s like visiting a world you’ve never been to each and every single time you descend the depths of the blue seas!

Scuba diving is also very addictive and it’s always a pity that one’s oxygen tank is limited in the amount of time it allows you spend in this whole other world under the sea.

  1. Speed-boating

You would think that whizzing across the water gets boring and that it makes for a one-dimensional form of watersports entertainment. It doesn’t. I enjoy flying over the water whether I’m going at it alone or enjoying a speed-boating session with some friends and family, but I must say that it’s always more fun when the experience is shared with others. Races cannot help but breakout, but all in the name of some water fun that never ends.

  1. Snorkeling Cruise

I guess you might have thought since scuba diving is near the top of this list of favorite watersports then snorkeling would have had to come right after it. I personally see snorkeling as a light form of scuba diving though and one only sees as far down as the light in conjunction with their eyes allow.

One of those half-day cruises which stop for a snorkeling session make it that much more fun though.

  1. Jettonating

If jettonating wasn’t completely dependent on having to be hooked up to a speed-boat it would perhaps be much higher up on this list of watersporting favorites. On a jettonator, you literally fly above the water, propelled by the speed-boat’s engine and it never gets old getting laughed at when your efforts to stay balanced in the air end up in a big splash into the water!