Top Eleven Instagram Accounts For The Outdoorsy

Love being outside? When you’re not outside, do you love looking at pictures of the outside, discovering new places to go outside, and looking at potential new gear for your next outdoor adventure? These ten instagram accounts have you covered. As a long time follower of these accounts, I can personally attest to their incredible, satisfying coverage that’s almost as good as being there yourself!

Adventure Freaks

This account is brought to us from our friends at Adventure Freaks Co. They’re out to help replace trees that were destroyed due to natural disasters, and 25% of their sales is going to the National Forest Foundation. They have some incredible photos on their instagram, and check out their website while you’re at it. There are some cute stickers for sale that are calling your name! It’s for a great cause!


These are some of the most stunning photos documenting travel and nature photography on Instagram I’ve seen. There does not appear to be any organization or website behind this account. It purely showcases incredible works of photography for our viewing pleasure, giving photo credit to the original photographer, of course. Highly recommend.


If you’re an avid outdoors person, you have surely come across the outdoor retail brand Moosejaw. Through their instagram you can check out beautiful photos of the latest gear in action out on the trails, as well as be updated with deals and discounts you might otherwise not be made aware of. Plus, their captions are always hilarious and remind me of the playful nature that unites all of us that love the outdoors.


Also an outdoor retail company, you can shop with Backcountry only on their website. They carry all of the hottest brands and have discounts and sales. Their instagram is full of mouthwatering outdoor photography showcasing new gear. Follow them and check out their hashtag, a play on words as well as an homage to their logo, #GOATworthy.

The Outbound Collective

This instagram is attached to their website, which is a blog that is dedicated to everything outdoors. Many travelers, hikers, and adventurers contribute to the blog and its photos, and it’s a great place to visit for advice, stories, and a way to connect with fellow outdoors people. Their instagram is stunning, with captions explaining where the photos were taken. You can also visit their website for more details and download their app.

National Geographic

Everyone is familiar with National Geographic’s television channel and magazine, but there is nothing that can compare to Nat Geo photography. The National Geographic instagram account is breathtaking, with informative captions for each picture. The posts are great, bite sized versions of the stories in their magazine. Following their account is an excellent way to get a quick dosage of National Geographic without having to turn on the TV or commit to reading a magazine. I’ve personally been keeping up with the “Out of Eden” walk, a decade long project in which journalist Paul Salopek is walking the path of humanity. It also has its own instagram account. Find out more on their website!

The Ocean

For those snorkelers, divers, surfers and swimmers out there, this instagram account is right up your alley. Beautiful photos and videos of sea wildlife contributed by a number of photographers and water enthusiasts make up this account. Follow for some stunning shots!

Adventure Wizards

This solo instagrammer Mike Drapper photographs incredible photos of his travels, or as he calls it, adventure lifestyle. Follow him for some inspiration to live a life outdoors, for he sure makes it look enticing!

Chris Sharma

Rock climbing legend Chris Sharma shares his latest projects, epic ascents, and the occasional family gathering on this instagram account. If you’re a fan of climbing, the outdoors, or specifically just Chris, follow him. There are some wild, inspiring photos to look over!

Surfer Magazine

Fellow water sports enthusiasts, this account will satisfy your need for a gnarly wave in the middle of your lunch break. This insta is an extension of Surfer magazine, and each caption lets you know where to find these beautiful waves. Follow for more!

Mountain Climbing

Check out this insta for some stunning mountain views. Its main focus is hiking and climbing mountains with the occasional gear promotion. If you’re a fan then check out their website SunFrog for climbing related mugs, sweatshirts, and custom made shirts. They’re really cute!

There you have it. These are just a few of the many outdoor related accounts instagram has to offer. A word of advice to discovering some more of your own; just keep following your favorite accounts and posting what you love with the related hashtags and you’re bound to connect with so many more like minded outdoors enthusiasts! Happy scrolling!