Top Underwater Attractions to Visit

Touring is a fun activity. However, experiencing new and fun places to visit is a lot of fun. One of those places is the underwater oceans. Many people are beginning to appreciate the depth of the oceans that some filmmakers show while under the water. There is so much that you should explore under the water, inspired sea travelers like Cameron says that there is so much to look at below the waves. Below are places that you can visit underwater.

The Museo Subacuatico de Arte

This museum is also known as the Cancun Underwater Museum. It is an underwater museum with no walls, descriptive plaques, and guides. The sculptures are artistically installed, by Jason de Caires. The design was made to encourage the appreciation of art. This was with an attempt to declutter traffic at some reefs nearby that were straining due to increased annual tourists.

This museum consists of approximately 400 original sculptures. These sculptures also served as artificial reefs that included the ocean resembling beautiful spooks like structures and human structures. The spooky structures were inhabitants that were frozen in space and time. Museo Subacuático de Arte is distributed into two galleries. The first gallery is accessible to the snorkelers and the divers and the second one to the snorkelers only.

Parco Archeologico Sommerso di Baia, Pozzuoli, Italy

This is definitely a must see attraction located in Italy. Pompeii lacks locks on ancient Italian trauma. The Parco is accessible to both divers and snorkelers who cover eight underwater sites. Some of these sites are Villa Portus Julius and Protiro. In addition, the Parco has mosaic floors, frescoes and loose statues covered with sea stars and anemone shoals.

Underwater Post Office – Vanuatu

The underwater post office is every child’s dream so why not fulfill this dream by visiting here? It is believed that you can mail little mermaids here. The Vanuatu Post is the first and the only one worldwide. The visitors are able to grab a snorkel and a diving suit before heading to the post office. The Post Office is located around three meters deep and is able to mail special waterproof postcards. The letter is mailed both internationally or locally.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa Undersea restaurant is among the seven famous undersea restaurants. Ithaa was built in Singapore in 2004 before being transported to the Maldives. It was then lowered into the water and became one of the famous undersea restaurants. Ithaa is now located around 5 meters below the sea level. Ithaa is the world’s first underwater restaurant which serve “Maldivian-Western fusion cuisine”. It has a good looking glass setting. The prices at Ithaa are a bit expensive but the panoramic view of the sea life is worth paying for the price.

Underwater Waterfall – Mauritius

These waterfalls are found in Mauritius and are a beautiful illusion. It has a runoff of silt and sand that fall from a coastal shelf that creates a waterfall under the water. The waterfall is not visible from under the water instead, it is more appealing when viewed in a helicopter.

LIME Spa – Maldives

For the Spa lovers, you should try the LIME Spa. It is located near the seaweeds and is a part of Per AQUUM’s Huvafen Fushi resort. It is the first worldwide spa which provides two underwater treatment rooms. You can always enjoy the underwater experience while still getting the massage.

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