What to Wear to Scuba Dive

Snorkeling has been around for thousands of years, but only now are we beginning to appreciate its beauty, versatility, and fun-filled recreation. The first snorkelers probably used the same tools as everyone else: goggles, masks, wetsuits, fins, dive bells and a diving cylinder. Today, though, snorkeling can be an extremely exhilarating adventure that brings the senses to new levels. Here’s a quick primer on the basics of snorkeling for beginners.

Snorkels have always been an essential part of any snorkeling expedition, but they have now become much more sophisticated, thanks to the development of more advanced underwater equipment like dive bells, which can allow you to quickly descend deeper than ever before. Snorkelling requires a lot of physical activity – it takes a lot of lung power, endurance, strength, and agility to stay afloat and snorkel. For this reason, it’s important to start your snorkeling adventure with a good pair of snorkels and appropriate accessories.

When you’ve decided to go snorkeling, choose a variety of dive bells and get a pair that fits snugly under your wetsuit. A wide-brimmed hat will make you look more serious while doing your snorkelling, so be sure to choose one with a wide brim, but not too large. Some dive bells also come with a waterproof whistle that will alert you when your snorkel’s cover becomes too full. Be sure to have one handy as well if you plan to snorkel in deeper waters, where it is also more difficult to spot fish and other marine life.

Choose a pair of dive bells with a wide mouth, so you won’t have to wade into the water to dive into the deepest part of the sea or ocean depths. You can also purchase different colored dive bells, to distinguish them from other snorkels on the market.

Choose a comfortable, wide-brimmed mask that will keep out moisture and also allow you to see your surroundings underwater. If you’re going underwater for more than five minutes at a time, opt for a smaller mask. This is especially important if you’re going scuba diving. If you’re looking for something a little more stylish than the standard diving mask, then go for a mask with an open, visor that allows air to flow freely.

When it comes to snorkeling, it’s important to wear the proper clothing. Although this can seem obvious, it bears repeating. You need to be comfortable enough to feel comfortable in your snorkel – you don’t want to get seasick when you’re just trying to relax. So wear a wetsuit that is light, comfortable, warm, breathable, and doesn’t restrict you from breathing, but also doesn’t make you shiver because of the cold air you’ll be breathing. Your wetsuit should also be durable, water-resistant, as it will be used for many dives.

A dive suit doesn’t necessarily have to be made for snorkeling, but you can’t go wrong with one made specifically for the activity. You should always invest in one that is water-tight and comfortable. Look for one made with a breathable membrane that prevents moisture from forming in the area where you will be sitting. You can also get a polyester or neoprene wetsuit for a more advanced dive suit.

Once you have your wetsuit, dive bell, mask, fins and any other gear that you might need for your snorkeling adventures, then you can get started on your next dive. With the right gear, you can have the best of both worlds – enjoying the beautiful sights of the natural world, and experiencing the exhilarating rush that comes from being completely immersed in water.