Why Getting a Towbar Fitted Can Make Holidays So Much More Fun

New cars don’t come with factory fitted towbars, so we must install them ourselves if we want one. Many people see them as unsightly but a towbar offers so many advantages to the average motorist. Nowadays, when you travel around the UK and Europe the prices of guesthouses and hotels is forever increasing and accommodation takes up the vast majority of the budget that we have set aside for our holiday. Now, just think if you could rent a caravan for a fraction of the cost of a room in a hotel and were able to take it with you wherever you went, surely that would be a better option.

Extra Storage

The family car is seen as the means to get you and the family around when you need to go shopping or take the kids to school. However the family car could be such much more if you would only fit a towbar on it. The boot can only hold so much and if you intend to take a holiday in the UK or in Europe for a couple of weeks then you definitely need more room. Having a towbar means that you can put a trailer on the back of your car and put all your stuff in there. This leaves the family to be able to relax in the car with all that extra room inside.

Safety is Key

Generally the towbar is fitted to the rear of the vehicle and it can be installed by most towbar suppliers, and specialists along with your towbar wiring kit that allows the lights on your caravan or trailer to operate as they would normally on your car. It is important to let other motorists know your intentions and because you will probably be pulling something a little wider than your car, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Fair enough, a towbar isn’t going to look good on a sports car, but for family cars, saloons and other family friendly vehicles, a towbar is a perfect addition.

Great For Outdoors People

If you are a camping enthusiast, then a towbar is really something that you can’t do without. Being able to hook on your accommodation and to be able to take it anywhere with you is the ultimate in outdoor living and you will have all the modern conveniences out there with you in the middle of the countryside or forest. A caravan provides you with your kitchen, living area, bedrooms and shower and toilet all in one and you are only able to take it around the UK and Europe because you have had a towbar fitted.

Portable Accomodation

Caravans, trailers with extendable tents, trailers with extendable rooms attached and so on are just some of the things that you can pull behind your vehicle. Being able to stop where you want and set up for the night is great and if you get bored with the area, you just hitch up your accommodation and off you go to somewhere else more exciting.

Get yourself a towbar installed on your vehicle. You definitely will not be disappointed that you did and your family and friends will thank you for it.